Adaptive Cards community call – July 2022

Adaptive Cards community call – July 2022

Call summary

In this month’s community call the following topics were presented - Action.ToggleVisibility Deprecation (a non-breaking change for a control that needs to support accessibility requirements for all users), GA release for Adaptive Cards Handle Responses Connector, teaser on the React Native Adaptive Cards Renderer capability used in Microsoft Viva Connections mobile app to be demoed next month, and a 10-minute Q&A covering a host of topics - release schedule, integration, challenges and demo requests. This call was hosted by J.P. Roca (Microsoft) | @jpthepm. Recorded on July 14, 2022.


  • Action.ToggleVisibility Deprecation – 00:34
  • Adaptive Cards Handle Responses Connector in GA – 04:18
  • React Native Adaptive Cards Renderer – 05:35
  • Q&A – 06:14

Topic summaries

  • Action.ToggleVisibility Deprecation – introduced in schema 1.2, Toggles (trigger action) the visibility of associated card elements. Why deprecating? The content changes on screen are not detectable by screen readers. Impact on card authors? None while developing a proper expander control that meets accessibility requirements. Let us know how you are using this capability today - issue 7678. This is a formality, not a breaking change.
  • Adaptive Cards Handle Responses Connector in GA – the connector has been released into production, blog post coming soon, get an MSA account and try it at You can find learn more in the Microsoft Teams connector trigger documentation focused on responding to an Adaptive Card.
  • React Native Adaptive Cards Renderer – developed and maintained by BigThinkCode and recently used in a Microsoft Viva Connections mobile app. Join the Adaptive Cards call next month to see a demo delivered by Vasanthakumar Sarpasayanam, CEO & Founder at BigThinkCode Technologies about using this capability.
  • Q & A – topics include availability of WinUI 3 Renderer and v1.6 schema, adoption of latest GA schema version (v1.5) by Viva Connections (presently using V1.3 today) and by other groups in general - release schedule coordination. Incorporation of Microsoft Loop components, building Adaptive Cards presentations, and getting a Power Virtual Agent speaker on this call.

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