CLI for Microsoft 365: Spring Cleaning Initiative

CLI for Microsoft 365: Spring Cleaning Initiative

Are you a fan of the CLI for Microsoft 365 tool? Looking to give back to the open source community? Now is the perfect time to get involved with the CLI for Microsoft 365 Spring Cleaning Initiative! Through this initiative, Microsoft 365 users can get involved by helping to clean up and maintain the CLI for Microsoft 365 codebase and earn a special badge in the process. Read on to learn more about how you can help out and get rewarded for your efforts.

CLI for Microsoft 365 is a cross-platform tool. It helps you manage your Microsoft 365 tenant and SharePoint Framework projects. No matter which operating system or shell you use.

Spring Cleaning: what it is all about

Most of us are familiar with spring cleaning; as it refers to the process of thoroughly cleaning and organizing a space, typically performed during the spring season. And of course in the context of software development it is no different. Spring cleaning usually involves tackling long-standing issues or tasks that have been ignored or postponed. It is an opportunity to address potential accumulated technical debt, resolve bugs, and enhance the overall quality of the codebase. So we decided to take this opportunity to clean up the CLI for Microsoft 365 codebase and make it even better than before. And we do need your help for that 🧼!


Helping out is great, but what can we offer? The M365 Platform & Power Platform Community Recognition Program is the place to be if you want to get recognized for your contributions to the community. And we are proud to announce that by helping us out with some spring cleaning you can earn some badges as well! 🏆.

You can earn the three tier badges, you will receive stars ⭐ for each tier you complete:

  • 1 star for the first tier will be awarded for picking up one tagged issue and having a PR approved
  • 2 stars for picking up a total three tagged issues and having a PR approved
  • 3 stars for picking up six tagged issues and having a PR approved

How do I get started

Visit the GitHub repository if you’re seeking an enjoyable and fulfilling way to contribute to the CLI for Microsoft 365 community. The “spring cleaning” issues are a great place to start, with many of them labeled “help wanted” and “spring cleaning” just waiting for you to lend a hand. By tackling these tasks, you’ll be giving back to the community while earning yourself a sense of accomplishment. So, flex those scrubbing muscles and get to work on these outstanding issues! 💪

If you are not yet sure on how to get started or are looking for friends to hang out with make sure to join or new community discord server to have a chat!