Jasey Waegebaert and Milan Holemans join CLI for Microsoft 365 maintainers team

Jasey Waegebaert and Milan Holemans join CLI for Microsoft 365 maintainers team

We’re excited to announce that Jasey Waegebaert and Milan Holemans are joining CLI for Microsoft 365 as maintainers!

CLI for Microsoft 365 - more than just a tool

We’re closing in on CLI for Microsoft 365 existing 5 years. Looking back, it’s awesome to see how much we’ve achieved: coming from one person’s idea and a handful of commands to a tool that’s widely used every day by developers and admins who work with Microsoft 365.

We wouldn’t have been here without everyone’s help, and we appreciate it very much. We’re not done yet, we’re not even close to it. We have many ideas for making the CLI even better, not to mention that Microsoft 365 keeps evolving as well, and we want to ensure that CLI for Microsoft 365 offers you everything that you might need to manage your Microsoft 365 tenant and apps.

To be sure, that we can timely respond to all your questions and process all incoming pull requests to ship new features, we’ve asked Jasey Waegebaert and Milan Holemans to join us as maintainers.

Jasey in his own words

Jasey Waegebaert

Microsoft 365 Consultant, I am. Living in Belgium, I do.

Hmmm… Besides my perfect Yoda impressions, I am quite passionate about technology and sports. Personally, since I started my career within the Microsoft 365 world, I have just grown more and more passionate about the possibilities provided. Primarily through the community that regularly shares their knowledge and tools with others. This has been such a help for my onboarding and continuous learning within Microsoft 365 and now I want to do the same for others. I love to share the knowledge that I have gained over the years with others. Next to my technology life, you will find me on a badminton court, guiding the youth and smashing that shuttle against my opponent(s).

Always up for a challenge!

Milan in his own words

Milan Holemans

I have always been interested in everything related to IT and technology. Yet I discovered relatively late that I like to code. Right now, I’m a Microsoft 365 consultant. I spend most of my time developing software for the Microsoft 365 cloud tailored to the customer. This ranges from front-end software, such as SharePoint Framework solutions, to back-end services that run in Azure.

In my spare time, you can find me at the gym a few days a week. I’m definitely not a bodybuilder, I’m just trying to stay fit. Besides that, I’m also a soccer/football fan. I try to attend every home match live in the stadium of the best team in the world 😉. The remaining time, I spend playing games and most importantly: contributing to the PnP community.

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Achieve more together

Jasey and Milan have been working together with us on CLI for Microsoft 365 for a while now. They’ve been contributing new features, and improvements, helping unblock others, and sharing ideas for how we could improve the CLI. We’re excited to have them on the team, and are looking forward to working together with them even more closely.