Adam Wójcik and Martin Lingstuyl join CLI for Microsoft 365 maintainers team

Adam Wójcik and Martin Lingstuyl join CLI for Microsoft 365 maintainers team

We’re excited to announce that Adam Wójcik and Martin Lingstuyl are joining CLI for Microsoft 365 as maintainers!

CLI for Microsoft 365 - more than just a tool

CLI for Microsoft 365 has been around for over 4 years. In that time, it evolved from one person’s idea to a cross-platform and -shell tool that thousands of customers across the world use every day to manage their Microsoft 365 tenants and SharePoint Framework projects. But CLI for Microsoft 365 is more than just a tool.

We’re extremely proud that we were able to create a space where community members can engage with the open-source community, learn git, GitHub, and building for Microsoft 365. We’re thankful for all our contributors who choose to spend their time on working with us to move the CLI for Microsoft 365 forward and make it a better tool for everyone.

To ensure, that we can timely respond to all your questions and process all incoming pull requests to ship new features, we’ve asked Adam Wójcik and Martin Lingstuyl to join us as maintainers.

Adam in his own words

Adam Wójcik

“.NET/FullStack/SharePoint/Microsoft 365 Developer/Consultant (not talented but hard working)👨‍💻. Team player that loves coding with headphones 🎧 on and coffee ☕ next to the keyboard ⌨️. Instead of thinking outside of the box I rather don’t see the box at all and create my own boundaries 😉. Always eager to hear other people ideas considering them as better and as priority 👍. Open source friendly contributor that strongly believes in sharing is caring approach 🙂. Lacking confidence but not positive attitude 🤔.”

#include <everyone>🌈

You may find me on:

Martin in his own words

Martin Lingstuyl

“Although I haven’t always worked in IT, I have always been interested in technology and coding. Around 2014 I moved to the Microsoft 365 space and have been very inspired by the things I get to do since. I’m a Microsoft 365 architect at I4-YOU Business Solutions b.v., where I like to take on a broad scope on subjects relating to Microsoft 365 and Azure. You could find me talking to customers and designing solutions, writing PnP scripts, working with Azure Resources, doing some public speaking, creating Power Platform solutions, SharePoint Framework Solutions or doing regular backend work with .NET. It all has my interest.

At home you might find me giving the necessary attention to my two lovely kids and my wife. If any time is left over I’ll probably be reading a good book, doing some biking, supping or surfing or some such. I also like to share my learnings using blogs and contribute back to the community in all kinds of ways. Because sharing is caring!”

You my find me on:

or read my blogs at

Achieve more together

Both Adam and Martin have been regularly contributing to CLI for Microsoft 365 for the past months. They’ve been also selflessly helping others contribute and thinking together with us of ways to improve the CLI. We’re thrilled to have them on the team and are looking forward to working together with them.