Microsoft 365 & Power Platform Community (PnP) - March 2023 update

Microsoft 365 & Power Platform Community (PnP) - March 2023 update

Microsoft 365 & Power Platform Community March 2023 update is out with a summary of the latest guidance, samples, and solutions from Microsoft or from the community for the community.

Starting from this update, we are a bit adjusting the format, so that we can focus more on the contributors across the different areas of the Microsoft 365 and Power Platform community. Time sequence for this summary is also longer than one month, but we will be aligning on the monthly updates again from this post forward.

We are committed on building the best tech community in the world where everyone feels welcome and we help to empower each and every community member to achieve more.

Main resources around Microsoft 365 Platform Community

Microsoft 365 Developer assets:

We also partnerly closely with other Power Platform topics, so let’s not forget the following assets:

Do not also forget the awesome events which are being organized across the world. See more details from the CommunityDays web site.

Microsoft 365 & Power Platform Community Ecosystem in GitHub

Most of the community driven repositories are in the PnP GitHub organization as samples are not product specifics as they can contain numerous different solutions or the solution works in multiple different applications.

Microsoft 365 & Power Platform Community Recognition Program

Microsoft 365 & Power Platform Community Recognition Program

We are excited to announce new community contributor program for all the active community members. Through this program you can get officially acknowledged with the a Credly badge around your work on our open-source and community channels. See more from Thank you for being part of this journey with us.

Unfied Sample Gallery Promo

All of the cool samples for Microsoft 365 and Power Platform are listed in the unified sample gallery at This is one centralized location to find samples from Microsoft and community.

No reason to start from scratch - see what’s available and take advantage of the contributions and samples from the community and Microsoft

Key contributors to the March 2023 update

Thank you

Here’s the list of active contributors (in alphabetical order) since last release details in GitHub repositories or community channels. Community is really about building tooling and knowledge together with the community for the community, so your contributions are highly valued across the Microsoft 365 & Power Platform customers, partners and obviously also at Microsoft.

Thank you for your assistance and contributions on behalf of the community. You are truly making a difference! If we missed someone, please let us know.

In this blog post we callout contributors in the Microsoft 365 & Power Platform community areas in the open-source projects, samples, videos, community calls etc. There are also countless fo awesome community members who are sharing their knowledge on daily basis in their own channels, which is a great option to contribute for others. Thank you all for that. Sharing is caring!

Community people


Here are the companies, which provided support the community initiative for this month by allowing their employees working for the benefit of others in the community. There were also people who contributed from other companies during last month, but we did not get their logos and approval to show them in time for these communications.

If you’d like to see your company logo here, please let us know and share the logo with us. Thx.

march companies

Microsoft people

Here’s the list of Microsoft people who have been closely involved with the Microsoft 365 Platform community work during last month.

MVP Community team

MVP Community team manages the Microsoft 365 & Power Platform community work in the GitHub and also coordinates different open-source projects around Microsoft 365 & Power Platform topics. Platform Community Team members have a significant impact on driving adoption of Microsoft 365 & Power Platform areas. They have shown their commitment to the open-source and community-driven work by constantly contributing to the benefit of the others in the community.

Thank you for all that you do! 🧡

Microsoft Internal Platform community team members

Here are the Microsoft Internal Platform Community team members:

Next steps

See all of the available community calls, tools, components and other assets from Get involved!

Got ideas or feedback on the topics to cover, additional partnerships, product feature capabilities? - let us know. Your input is important for us, so that we can support your journey in Microsoft 365 and in Power Platform (better together). You can comment below this post 👇.

Sharing Is Caring! 🧡