Microsoft 365 PnP Weekly - Episode 240 - Jussi Mori

Microsoft 365 PnP Weekly - Episode 240 - Jussi Mori

In this episode of the weekly discussion revolving around the latest news and topics on Microsoft 365, host – Vesa Juvonen (Microsoft) and Waldek Mastykarz (Microsoft) are joined by Jussi Mori, Experts Inside, MVP.

In this episode

  • How has the ever-evolving technology affected adoption
  • Typical challenges when it comes to adoption
  • The pros and cons of working remotely
  • Tips to stay up to date on what’s new and coming in tech
  • How a shorter attention span affects learning
  • What’s the most valuable about being an MVP
  • Why you should consider sponsoring an event/having a booth


This week

  • Jussi – planning a new project, attending Ignite in Switzerland
  • Waldek – Launched an experimental learn module with a simulated dev environment
  • Vesa – attending MVP summit in person

Agenda items

00:00 – Intro

01:10 – Interview

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This session was recorded on Tuesday 5th of March. Session was published on Tuesday 12th of March, 2024.

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Articles & Videos

No articles or videos covered in this week’s episode as we recorded in non-usual time.


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