Microsoft Graph community call -- May 2021

Microsoft Graph community call -- May 2021

This month’s community call features presentations on Application Consent Deep Dive (demystifying permissions and consent when accessing Microsoft Graph) and on Considerations for Creating Online Meetings (Integration into Outlook or into other 3^rd^ party experiences).  Q&A in this call after demos, at end and in chat.  The call was hosted by Brian T. Jackett (Microsoft) | @BrianTJackett. Microsoft Presenters were Philippe Signoret and Fabian Williams.  Recorded on May 4, 2021.



App Consent Deep Dive - demystifying permissions and consent when accessing Microsoft Graph.  Most Graph permissions allow access to lots of data.  Learn how apps and services access Microsoft Graph resources - application permissions and delegated permissions, requesting permissions, granting permissions, and restricting data access scope.  General concepts – direct access, access on behalf of user, app and user authorizations, permission types, service principals, consents and more.


Considerations for creating Online Meetings - Based on specific meeting requirements, create an Online Meeting through the Calendar Events API or through the Cloud Communications API (Teams).  Step through 7 questions to ask yourself to decide when to use what method.  The decision is largely based on the need for a rich integrated Microsoft client (Outlook/Teams) experience vs 3^rd^ party application integration including Microsoft chat integration.       




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