Microsoft Identity Platform community call – May 2022

Microsoft Identity Platform community call – May 2022

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This month’s in-depth topic: Microsoft Graph’s advanced capabilities for querying directory objects – Microsoft Graph APIs expose Directory Objects (Users, Groups, Devices, etc.) to interact with Azure AD. We added new functionalities to pre-existing Directory Objects for querying these objects with Microsoft Graph. Learn how to unlock the full potential of our Directory Object APIs using the Advanced Query Capabilities that allow developers to Count, Filter, Search and Sort Directory Objects on more properties with more OData operators. We cover - what are advanced query capabilities, look under the hood, walkthrough assorted query examples and SDK support (PowerShell, .NET), call out current limitations and conclude with Q&A. Presenter: Luca Spolidoro – Senior Program Manager, Azure Identity | @Licantrop0. Recorded May 19, 2022.

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