Microsoft Identity Platform community call – August 2022

Microsoft Identity Platform community call – August 2022

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This month’s in-depth topic: Deep dive on using MSAL.js to integrate Angular single-page applications with Azure Active Directory. In this session, we will walk through the steps and coding required to successfully integrate an Angular single page app with the Microsoft identity platform. We’ll start with the app integrating single sign-on for its users. We will then next proceed to get an access token for the Microsoft Graph API. We will cover the coding required in detail, including how to subscribe to MSAL events like user sign-in and sign-out, how to protect routes using MSAL Angular Guard, and how to acquire tokens with MSAL Angular Interceptor. We will also touch upon some advanced concepts like how apps can prepare themselves for Continuous Access Evaluation (CAE) events. We will cap the session with showing you how to successfully deploy your app on Azure Static App Service. Microsoft Presenters Doğan Erişen, Salman Salem and Kalyan Krishna. Recorded August 18, 2022

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