Microsoft Identity Platform community call – November 2022

Microsoft Identity Platform community call – November 2022

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This month’s in-depth topic: Enable Single Sign-On on Android Apps using MSAL & also to secure it using Proof-of-Possession. In this interactive learning session, we will integrate Single Sign On (SSO) for users on an Android application. We will do a detailed code walk through on how to acquire an access token using Microsoft Authentication Library (MSAL) Android and further secure it using Proof-of-Possession (PoP). Agenda - overview of MSAL Android, of SSO and of PoP. Enabling Single Sign-On via Broker and via Browser, integrating with and the impact of a broker. Why we need PoP and how long is a PoP/AT valid? Q&A. Microsoft Presenters are Neha Goel – Senior Product Manager and Shane Oatman – Principal Software Engineer. This call was hosted by Nandeesh Swami (Microsoft) | @Nandeesh_Swami on November 17, 2022. Questions addressed live and in chat throughout the call.

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