Viva Connections & SharePoint Framework Community Call – 8th of September, 2022

Viva Connections & SharePoint Framework Community Call – 8th of September, 2022

Call summary

Welcome to the bi-weekly call focused on Microsoft 365 client-side development. In this call, we focus on using Viva Connections and SharePoint Framework to build solutions for Microsoft Teams and SharePoint Online.

New this week

  • Agenda set for next Microsoft 365 platform call - Tuesday, September 6th, 8:00 am PT.
    • Latest news from Microsoft engineering on Microsoft 365 topics
    • Monthly community contributors
    • Rabeb Othmani - Microsoft Graph Postman - Scripts and advanced functionality
    • Ayca Bas - Build productivity tabs with Microsoft Teams Toolkit for Visual Studio
    • Bob German - Introduction to app camp
  • Project releases
  • SPFx Samples
  • Microsoft 365 PnP Weekly – Episode 177 (September 5th) with UK-based Kevin McDonnell, Head of Practice Modern Workplace at CPS, Microsoft MVP (Office Apps & Services) | @kevmcdonk | video | podcast
  • Microsoft 365 PnP Weekly – Episode 176 (August 29th) with Netherlands-based Daniel Laskewitz, Microsoft Senior Cloud Developer Advocate – Power Platform | @laskewitz | video | podcast
  • Huge thanks for Patrick Rodgers on his last call hosting today (for now).
    • This was his last time hosting the call as recurrent host based on his personal request. Patrick started this call back in February 2016 as weekly call as first spin-off from the monthly Office 365 Patterns and Practices community call - see the historical blog post announcement from
    • This was few months before Microsoft announced #SPFx as the new extensibility model for SharePoint Online, so we could not yet talk about the details, but started to push the community towards the right direction. As we started to have gradually bit more structure in our community initiative, call then transformed to be a bi-weekly call on Thursdays later 2016.
    • It’s hard to calculate the exact number of the calls Patrick has hosted, but it’s somewhere around 100-120 overall calls with conservative estimate. Each call has have on average around 150 attendees, which will sum up overall >15.000 live attendees in the calls hosted by Patrick.
    • Thank you Patrick on the hosting of these calls. You have provided help and smiles for thousands of people all around the world and sparked countless of ideas for products or pushed people forward on their career. You’ve had undoubtedly massive impact on the success of Microsoft 365 platform all up, but more importantly you’ve had direct impact on countless people’s careers and day to day life. It’s been a pleasure to work with you on these calls. 🧡
    • Patrick is not going to disappear from the community topics, but rather wanted to provide other people the opportunity to host the call. So starting from next Viva & SPFx call, we’ll have a larger team of MVPs and Microsoft employees who have volunteered to host the call.


  • Building polished form experiences with SPFx form customizer – working back from the final UI to the code behind the scenes, see how to create a custom form component. Steps include create a list or library structure using content types, create a Form Customizer extension project using SPFx, configure and debug, deploy solution to App Catalog, and finally associate the custom component to the content type. This capability is available only using SPFx v1.15.
  • Building SPFx solution with Azure Communication Services integration – see how pre-built ACS composite chat component is used in a SPFx web part sample called RoomChat built by João Mendes. After an overview of ACS, create a Communications Service. Visit the ACS UI Library (sandbox) – and pick up a chat component. Step through core code elements of the web part. Use property panes or SharePoint Online tenant properties for storing information used by your web part.

The host of this call is Patrick Rodgers (Microsoft) | @mediocrebowler. Q&A takes place as always in chat throughout the call.

Agenda items


Demo references

Thank you for your great work. Samples are often showcased in Demos.

Open-source project status

PnP ProjectCurrent versionRelease/Status
SharePoint Framework (SPFx)v1.15.2 GA, v1.16 (Preview)v1.16 (GA) end of 2022, v1.17 Preview December/January
PnPjs Client-Side Librariesv3.7.0 GA, v2.13 GA
CLI for Microsoft 365v4.3.0 GA, v5.7.0 GA, v5.7 betav6.0.0 ETA November 2022
Reusable SPFx React Controlsv3.10.0, v2.9.0 (SPFx v1.11)Supports SPFx v1.15.2
Reusable SPFx React Property Controlsv3.9.0, v2.7.0 (SPFx v1.11)Supports SPFx v1.15.2
PnP SPFx Generatorv1.16.0v1.17.0 on the way
PnP Modern Searchv4.7.0 (GA), v3.23.0 (GA)

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Viva Connections & SharePoint Framework bi-weekly calls are targeted at anyone who is interested in the JavaScript-based development towards Microsoft Connections, Microsoft Teams, SharePoint Online, and also on-premises. Calls are used for the following objectives.

  • SharePoint Framework engineering update from Microsoft
  • Talk about PnP JavaScript Core libraries
  • CLI for Microsoft 365 Updates
  • SPFx reusable controls
  • PnP SPFx Yeoman generator
  • Share code samples and best practices
  • Possible engineering asks for the field - input, feedback, and suggestions
  • Cover any open questions on the client-side development
  • Demonstrate SharePoint Framework in practice in Microsoft Viva, Microsoft Teams or SharePoint context
  • You can download a recurrent invite from Welcome and join the discussion!

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Microsoft 365 PnP team, Microsoft - 8th of September 2022