Office Add-in Developer Community (PnP) -- February 2021 update

Office Add-in Developer Community (PnP) -- February 2021 update

The Office Add-ins developer platform team has new updates to share this month on Office Add-ins Patterns and Practices. PnP is a community effort, so if you are interested in contributing, see our good first issue list.

Create custom contextual tabs on the ribbon


This sample shows how to create a custom contextual tab on the ribbon in the Office UI. The sample creates a table, and when the user moves the focus inside the table, the custom tab is displayed. When the user moves outside the table, the custom tab is hidden.


Thank you to our contributors who are actively helping each month with the PnP-OfficeAddins community effort.

Want to contribute?

PnP is a community effort by developers like you. Check out our good first issue list as a great place to help with some samples. Feel free to contribute to existing samples or create new ones.

About Office Add-ins Patterns & Practices (PnP)

Office Add-ins PnP is a Microsoft-led, community driven effort that helps developers extend, build, and provision customizations on the Office platform the right way by providing guidance and help through official documentation and open source initiatives. The source is maintained in GitHub where anyone can participate. You can provide contributions to the samples, reusable components, and documentation. Office Add-ins PnP is owned and coordinated by Office engineering teams, but the work is done by the community for the community.

You can find code samples for Office Add-in development in the Office Add-ins PnP repo. Some samples are also documented in the Office Add-ins docs, such as Open in Excel.

Additional resources

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