The Ultimate Guide for First-Time Presenters at Microsoft 365 & Power Platform Community Calls

The Ultimate Guide for First-Time Presenters at Microsoft 365 & Power Platform Community Calls

Welcome to the Microsoft 365 & Power Platform Community (PnP), a vibrant hub for everyone who is passionate about extending Microsoft 365, offering a wealth of guidance, tools, samples, and resources. Whether you’re a developer, a consultant, or an IT professional, this community is the go-to place for collaboration and innovation in the Microsoft 365 ecosystem.

Presenting in a community call

If you’re gearing up for your first presentation in one of our community calls, you’re joining a movement that thrives on collective knowledge and peer-to-peer sharing. Here at the Microsoft 365 & Power Platform Community, we believe in empowering each member through support and recognition, paving the way for everyone to contribute to the expansive landscape of Microsoft 365 and Power Platform.

This blog post is crafted to guide you through your first time presenting at a community call, ensuring a seamless and impactful experience.

First things first: Everyone is welcome! We appreciate all solutions that extend Microsoft 365 (except product demos), whether you do this low-code or code-first.

Good reasons to present

There are many good reasons why people present their solution in our community calls, here are our favorite ones:

The Value of Demos

Demos are the centerpiece of our community calls. As a first-time presenter, you’ll find that a well-crafted demo can not only enhance your talk but also resonate with your audience by presenting solutions to practical challenges. These demos give you a chance to hone your public speaking skills, establish your credibility, and offer assistance to others. They also provide a great opportunity to ignite discussions and foster innovative thinking.

Connecting with Like-Minded Individuals

When you present at a community call, you’re not just sharing your knowledge — you’re also connecting with a network of peers who share your enthusiasm for Microsoft 365 and Power Platform. This community is a melting pot of ideas, fostering project collaborations, knowledge sharing, and possibly even new career paths.

Get a slot in a community call

Best way to do this is to request a slot with our request a demo slot-form: A maintainer will then reach out to you and ask you if you have availability on a certain date. Once you confirmed that, you are officially scheduled. Few things to notice:

More help

If you need some more support, we have some more approaches to help you thrive:

Embrace the Buddy System

Our buddy system is designed to pair newcomers with experienced speakers who can mentor and guide you through the process. This support extends beyond just presentation tips, encompassing the ins and outs of the Microsoft 365 & Power Platform extensions. With a buddy by your side, your confidence will soar, and the quality of your presentation will speak volumes. Please let us know if you want to do your first presentation on your own or if you feel better with a buddy. It is certainly not required, but can also be helpful.

Sharing is Caring Initiative

Our Sharing is Caring initiative is at the core of what makes the Microsoft 365 & Power Platform Community so special. We encourage first-time presenters like you to contribute to open-source projects on GitHub, enriching our collective knowledge base. If you’re new to open-source, worry not! We provide you with the guidance necessary to make meaningful contributions, from documentation enhancements to code examples and solutions. This engagement will not only strengthen your technical expertise but also equip you with a wealth of content to share in your PnP call presentations.

The Recognition Program

As you contribute and present, the community celebrates your achievements. Our recognition program acknowledges your hard work with badges on Credly, which you can exhibit to colleagues, partners, and employers with pride. These badges go beyond just recognition—they are a beacon of your dedication and could also be instrumental in achieving or renewing Microsoft’s esteemed Most Valuable Professional (MVP) Award

In Conclusion

Your initiation as a presenter at the Microsoft 365 & Power Platform Community Calls is not just an opportunity to speak — it’s a platform to inspire and be inspired. With the buddy system, our Sharing is Caring initiative, recognition program, and the art of demos, you’ll enrich both your career and the community. Your unique insights are invaluable, and your contribution is crucial to the collective advancement of the Microsoft 365 & Power Platform ecosystem.

As you prepare to take the virtual stage, take solace in the fact that a community of peers is behind you, ready to offer their support. So prepare, engage, and step forward with confidence. It’s time to make your mark as a new presenter in the Microsoft 365 & Power Platform Community. Together, let’s drive the future of tech forward!

Are you ready to begin? Reach out to us with by filing out the request a demo slot-form and kickstart your journey towards becoming an influential voice in the community!