Happy 1st Birthday PnP Script Samples

Happy 1st Birthday PnP Script Samples

PnP Script samples birthday blog

On this day, last year was the first release of the PnP Script Samples site. Wahoo HAPPY 1ST BIRTHDAY!!!

Check out the Launch Tweet | Twitter

As of today, we have over 153 scenarios and 230 scripts that you can leverage in your projects.

“It’s been fantastic to see the excitement and engagement around the Script samples across the community. As we share our knowledge across the community members in the different formats, we are together much stronger and much more skillful to achieve the day to day objectives.

Script samples is great example of how the community is sharing their knowledge between others for the benefit of all community members. Rather than everyone solving their objectives in isolation, we can focus on more important topics by sharing the general scripts between each other.

We want to thank all community members who have been involved on the script samples. You are really the fuel of the community and showing the example on how sharing is caring” - Vesa Juvonen (Principal Product Manager - Microsoft)

What is PnP Script Samples?

PnP Script Samples is a community resource provides a way to share your PowerShell or Bash scripts with the community written by the community Automate tasks with Microsoft 365 - using your favourite tools at this time, we have scripts for the following tools:

  • PnP PowerShell
  • CLI for Microsoft 365
  • Microsoft Graph SDK
  • SPO Management Shell
  • Teams PowerShell
  • Power Apps PowerShell
  • Whiteboard Admin PowerShell

Another cool element of the scripts, is they are now integrated into the Unified Sample Gallery | Microsoft giving greater reach and visibility of the samples - this is done automatically, without additional contributor effort.

We could not have done this without your support and would like to recognise the following contributors that made the project happen:

  • Adam Wójcik
  • Albert-Jan Schot
  • Anoop Tatti
  • Brian McCullough
  • Chandani Prajapati
  • Dipen Shah
  • Ganesh Sanap
  • Jago Pauwels
  • Jasey Waegebaert
  • Jim Love
  • Jiten Palmer
  • Kasper Bo Larsen
  • Kinga Kazala
  • Kunj Balkrishna Sangani
  • Leon Armston
  • Luise Freese
  • Marc D Anderson
  • Mathijs Verbeeck
  • Matt Maher
  • Milan Holemans
  • Nanddeep Nachan
  • Paul Schaeflein
  • Pete Skelly
  • Reshmee Auckloo
  • Rodrigo Pinto
  • Russell Gove
  • Ryan Healy
  • Siddharth Vaghasia
  • Smita Nachan
  • Srinivas Varukala
  • Steven Chorkawy
  • Twan van Beers
  • Valeras Narbutas

I’d also like to thank those that have retweeted, amplified and supported PnP Script Samples on social media platforms, additional to the PnP Team for advice and help with progress the community project.



Interested in contributing

We have guidance on the PnP Script Samples site, to help you get started, a template and plenty of samples to refer to.

Check this out: Contributing to | PnP Script Samples

If you need to reach out, please contact @pkbullock | Twitter for any help getting started or an issue in the sites repository.

We recognise you

As part of our recognition program, we have teamed up with Credly to provide badges for your contribution as a way to say thanks for the submission. This is an opt-in process before we can issue them, please complete this form:

Provide your GitHub and other contact information to register for recognition| Microsoft Forms

In addition, sample updates are presented on the Thursday, Microsoft 365 & Power Platform Development Community call, and you will be listed on our Monthly PnP Blog as a small token of our appreciation for your contributions.

We do great appreciate and value all the contributions from the community, if you have issues, ideas, samples, or even whole libraries you wish to share, please raise an issue on GitHub or contact me on @pkbullock | Twitter

So what’s next

The site is under continuous development and we have a number of ideas to take it further. If you have features you would like or samples to contribute to the repository, please reach out and we can help make this happen.


Paul Bullock