New Microsoft 365 platform community blog

New Microsoft 365 platform community blog

Hello World

Let us introduce our new Microsoft 365 platform community blog to you! After a year on Tech Community we decided to make a move towards GitHub,

  • to better align our efforts that span initiatives that provide samples, guidance, training, tools, encouragement
  • to provide you with a more pleasantly authoring experience

What changes

  • We migrated1 the existing articles from TechCommunity to this location
  • We will publish new articles including Community Call recording blogs, podcast blogs, monthly updates only here
  • The Tech Community hub will retire - we won’t accept new content there anymore

If you don’t feel comfortable using GitHub, please sign up for an interactive training on how to contribute in our Sharing Is Caring initiative.

What won’t change

  • We will continue to celebrate learning and sharing knowledge
  • We will continue to provide guidance, support, encouragement and grow as a community

You are awesome!

Sharing Is Caring

1 still work in progress, let us know in the issues if something is missing or off.