New Microsoft 365 & Power Platform Community coordination team members – March 2023

New Microsoft 365 & Power Platform Community coordination team members – March 2023

We are incredibly excited to announce that we are extending our virtual Microsoft 365 & Power Platform Community coordination team with additional community members. This virtual community team is responsible of the different Microsoft 365 & Power Platform Community activities in different community channels, including our open-source work in the GitHub. This team consist of Microsoft employees and community members (MVPs) focused on helping the community the best use of Microsoft products, like Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Viva, Power Platform, OneDrive, SharePoint or API layer like Microsoft Graph.

We believe that by working together as a one unified team across the organization barriers, we can make even larger worldwide impact and helping other community member to succeed on adopting different practices within Microsoft 365 platform.

“We are committed on building the best tech community in the world where everyone feels welcome and we help to empower each and every community member to achieve more.” 🧡

Adam Wójcik - .NET Developer, MVP

Adam Wójcik

Standard Dev / Microsoft 365 consultant (not talented but hard-working) 💪. 

CLI for Microsoft 365 maintainer waiting for your awesome contributions 🤩.

Team player that loves coding with headphones 🎧 on and coffee ☕ next to the keyboard ⌨️.

Instead of thinking outside of the box I rather don’t see the box at all and create my own boundaries 😉. 

Always eager to hear other people’s ideas considering them as better and as a priority 👍. 

Open source friendly contributor that strongly believes in sharing is a caring approach 🙂. Loves creating solutions for developers in every dev favorite place VS Code 🧑‍💻.

Lacking confidence but not a positive attitude 🤔.

#include <everyone>🌈

You will find Adam on:

Daniel Laskewitz - Power Platform Developer Advocate

Daniel Laskewitch

Daniel Laskewitz is a Senior Cloud Advocate at Microsoft on the Power Platform Advocates team, where he focuses on developer scenarios in the Power Platform. Before he joined Microsoft, he was already involved with the Independent Publisher connector program and some of the PnP projects that are out there (like M365 CLI & PnP PowerShell). Daniel is very passionate about fusion development, and the better together story of Power Platform, Azure & Microsoft 365.

Outside of work, you can catch him at community events, a football game of his favourite team (Ajax) or in restaurants and pubs with his friends in Utrecht.

You will find Daniel on:

Jasey Waegebaert - Microsoft 365 Consultant, MVP

Jasey Waegebaert

As a Microsoft 365 consultant hailing from Belgium, I have two burning passions - technology and sports. But it’s my love for the former that has truly taken flight since I began my journey in the Microsoft 365 universe. The endless possibilities within this domain have me hooked, and I owe a debt of gratitude to the welcoming and supportive community that has enabled my growth through shared knowledge and resources.

Now, I aim to pay it forward and give others the same support that has helped me flourish. Sharing my hard-won experience and knowledge is an enjoyable part of my work, and one that I approach with eagerness and enthusiasm.

When I’m not engrossed in the world of Microsoft 365, I’m an avid badminton player. You’ll find me on the court, either honing my own skills or helping younger players master the game!

You will find Jasey on:

Markus Möller - Microsoft 365 Architect, MVP

Markus Möller

Markus is an architect and technical expert for Microsoft 365 Development at Avanade in Germany. He is a Microsoft MVP for Microsoft 365 Development.

You probably might already know him from his various Teams Dev samples or SPFx webpart samples which he regularly also demoed in the community community calls and deeply explained upfront in his own personal blog. Beside that he had several more contributions to other community initiatives and also acts as a public speaker from time to time.

He has come from a very long journey of nearly 25 years now in collaboration development. Starting with Lotus Notes even before Y2K, he moved over to SharePoint but now has fallen in love with the even more integrating, standardized and enterprise-ready capabilities around true Microsoft 365 Development.

You will find Markus on:

Martin Lingstuyl - Microsoft 365 Architect, MVP

Martin Lingstuyl

Although I haven’t always worked in IT, I have always been interested in technology and coding. Around 2014 I moved to the Microsoft 365 space and have been very inspired by the things I get to do since. I’m a Microsoft 365 MVP in the M365 Development category and work as a Microsoft 365 architect at I4-YOU Business Solutions b.v., where I like to take on a broad scope on subjects relating to Microsoft 365 and Azure. You could find me talking to customers and designing solutions, writing PnP scripts, working with Azure Resources, doing some public speaking, creating Power Platform solutions, SharePoint Framework Solutions or doing regular frontend/backend work with typescript or .NET. It all has my interest.

At home you might find me giving the necessary attention to my two lovely kids and my wife. If any time is left over I’ll probably be reading a good book, doing some biking, supping or surfing or some such. I also like to share my learnings using blogs and contribute back to the community in all kinds of ways. Because sharing is caring!

You will find Martin on:

or read his blogs at

Milan Holemans - Microsoft 365 Consultant, MVP

Milan Holemans

I have always been interested in everything related to IT and technology. Yet I discovered relatively late that I like to code. Right now, I’m a Microsoft 365 consultant. I spend most of my time developing software for the Microsoft 365 cloud tailored to the customer. This ranges from front-end software, such as SharePoint Framework solutions, to back-end services that run in Azure.

In my spare time, you can find me at the gym a few days a week. With an office job you need some extra exercise. Besides that, I’m also a soccer/football fan. I try to attend every home match live in the stadium. The remaining time, I spend playing games and most importantly: contributing to the PnP community.

You will find Milan on:

If you are looking for more details on what Microsoft 365 & Power Platform community is all about, see more details on the different activities and projects from, including all community calls, open-source projects, samples and more.

There are also numerous exciting new projects under development which will be released as open-source solutions soon addressing Microsoft Teams, Power Platform, OneDrive, Microsoft Graph, SharePoint and more. We want to thank also the countless of other community members who have been involved on this journey for past years. We still consider this as just a start and are looking for your feedback and input to further improve the processes and model we use.

Got ideas, feedback, comments on our community work? – Don’t hesitate to let us know. We are here for you. Everyone is welcome!

Sharing is Caring! 🧡

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