New Microsoft 365 Platform Community (PnP) team members – June 2022

New Microsoft 365 Platform Community (PnP) team members – June 2022

We are excited to announce that we are again extending our virtual Microsoft 365 Platform Community (PnP) team with additional community members. PnP team is responsible of the different Microsoft 365 Platform Community activities in different community channels, including our open-source work in the GitHub. This team consist of Microsoft employees and community members (MVPs) focused on helping the community the best use of Microsoft products, like Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Viva, Power Platform, OneDrive, SharePoint or API layer like Microsoft Graph.

We believe that by working together as a one unified team across the organization barriers, we can make even larger worldwide impact and helping other community member to succeed on adopting different practices within Microsoft 365 platform.

“We are committed on building the best tech community in the world where everyone feels welcome and we help to empower each and every community member to achieve more.” 🧡

Anoop Tatti - Developer Architect

Anoop Tatti

Anoop is a Microsoft 365 Developer Architect at Content + Cloud Ltd based in London, UK. He is an MVP in the Office Development category and is a regular contributor to the PnP projects. You can read his blog articles on and connect with him on Twitter using

Fabio Franzini - Founder and CEO

Fabio Franzini

Fabio Franzini is the founder and CEO of Apvee Solutions and Microsoft MVP in two categories, Office Development and Business Applications.

His career begins with consulting and training, first on ASP.NET and then moving to SharePoint with the 2010 version until he recently founded Apvee Solution for the creation and sale of extensions for the Microsoft 365 ecosystem.

Fabio actively contributes to the Microsoft 365 community by creating components and examples that he shares through the PnP repositories or on his personal GitHub profile.

To stay in touch with him you can use Twitter, LinkedIn or GitHub

If you are looking for more details on what Microsoft 365 Platform community (PnP) is all about, see more details on the different activities and projects from, including all community calls, open-source projects, samples and more.

There are also numerous exciting new projects under development which will be released as open-source solutions soon addressing Microsoft Teams, OneDrive, Microsoft Graph, SharePoint and more. We want to thank also the countless of other community members who have been involved on this journey for past years. We still consider this as just a start and are looking for your feedback and input to further improve the processes and model we use.

Got ideas, feedback, comments on our community work? – Don’t hesitate to let us know. We are here for you. Everyone is welcome!

Sharing is Caring! 🧡

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