Teams Toolkit Cloud Skills Challenge - the winners

Teams Toolkit Cloud Skills Challenge - the winners

We love you 3000! 🤖

On April 10, we announced the Teams Toolkit Cloud Skill challenge - today, we are very happy to announce the 10 winners of either a $100 digital gift card or $100 Azure credits.

We are overwhelmed by the amazing feedback we received from the developer community for both the Teams Toolkit and the learning path.

The winners

  • Bill Brockbank
  • Mervat Mohamed Kamel
  • Harry Bamber
  • Valeras Narbutas
  • Sana Graich
  • Troy Taylor
  • Rasha Abd ElGalil Othmanm 
  • Dalila Yahia Djoghlal
  • Vishal Gupta
  • Rasha Matwally Gaber

All winners will be formally notified via email.

You missed the challenge?

Of course you can still learn about how to build apps for Microsoft Teams with Teams Toolkit! It is way easier, faster, and streamlined as you could possibly think of.

Start your journey here: Build and deploy apps for Microsoft Teams using Teams Toolkit for Visual Studio Code

Also, we will cover Teams Toolkit at upcoming #MSBuild conference:

Also, Garry Trinder (Microsoft) published an entire video series: Learn how to develop apps for Microsoft Teams and teaches you step-by-step how to build tabs, bots and more.

Want to build something cool with Teams Toolkit?

If you did the learning path and now want to build something cool using it, we would love to feature you - in this blog, in the Sample Solution Gallery at and of course in our community calls - where community shares what they’ve built.

Want to demo? Let’s get you scheduled!

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