Power Platform Community Call – April 2023

Power Platform Community Call – April 2023

Call summary

Latest updates and news on Power Platform including community events and training opportunities.

Two demos delivered: With Great Power (Apps) Comes Great Reusability and Copilot is the coworker you never knew you always needed

Activities: 3 articles, 3 documents, 4 connectors, 1 sample, 4 Power Platform related video conversations recently delivered.

This call was hosted by David Warner II (Microsoft) | @DavidWarnerII and recorded on April 19, 2023. Questions addressed in chat throughout the call.

New this month

Demo summaries

  • With Great Power (Apps) Comes Great Reusability – practical tips/benefits of reuse. UI reuse options (gallery control, Canvas components and component libraries, element grouping, container control, duplication of elements, responsive and dynamic layouts in Canvas apps, customized controls) and code reuse options (constants, named formulas, environment variables, Power Apps Component Framework (PCF)). Upcoming features and resources supporting reuse - drag drop to build responsive pages, device preview, user defined functions. aka.ms/Apr19-Demo1
  • Copilot is the coworker you never knew you always needed – step through Copilot (for Builders). Define what your app should do, hit return, view results – table of AI suggested fields and data. Now add additional data, fields, dropdown menu options. Next press the Create (Canvas) app (and Dataverse table) button. Great tips on communicating with Copilot (prompt engineering), Learn about the 3 different Copilots/functionalities for Builders, Users and Makers. Action: Register for Copilot preview now. aka.ms/Apr19-Demo2

Agenda items

00:00 – Intro

01:46 – Power Platform News & Learn Updates – April Dunnam (Microsoft) | @aprildunnam

02:35 – Latest Power Apps Samples – April Dunnam (Microsoft) | @aprildunnam

03:19 – Independent Publisher Connectors - Jocelyn Panchal (Microsoft) | @JocelynP_PM

08:08 – Power Platform Community Shows & Events - April Dunnam (Microsoft) | @aprildunnam & David Warner II (Microsoft) | @DavidWarnerII

10:13 – Together mode picture

11:27 – Demo - With Great Power (Apps) Comes Great Reusability - Keith Atherton | @MrKeithAtherton

25:13 – Demo - Copilot is the coworker you never knew you always needed - Shane Young (PowerApps911) | @ShanesCows

56:59 – Resources

57:52 – Closing

Together mode


Great seeing everyone today. Welcome to all who are in Seattle this week for the MVP Summit. Thank you for joining the community call today.


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