Power Apps Community Call -- July 2021

Call summary

Topics covered in this month’s community call includes an inside look at the top 5 community selected apps (from over 20 entries) from Demo Extravaganza 2021!   The winning submissions - Course Maker Solution, Number Puzzle, Pandemic Response Solution, Kitty Run! Game, and Sports Stats Tracker. 

After the demos were presented, call attendees selected with slim margins, the top app. 

Also, Recent Power Apps News and Community Contributions and Latest on PnP Power Platform Samples Contributions.   This session included Q&A in chat. 

The call was hosted by Todd Baginski (Canviz).  Demo presenters are Rory Neary, Krishna Rachakonda, Venkat Rao, Nghiem Doan, Aakash Jain, Nicholas Nguyen, Todd Baginski and Matt Schuessler.  This call was recorded on July 21, 2021.  Thank for attending the call or viewing it on demand. 


  • Course Maker Solution – course management - Canvas + Model driven app that organizes 300 lessons (42 hours of Rory!) on his Learn Power Platform.   Search for a topic in Stream videos, go right to topic in video.  Simple app (relations, tables, galleries, forms) that sits on Dataverse.  Assets organized by course, module, lesson, lesson point.    Features Power BI Stories (Power BI report embedded in a Power App). 

  • Number Puzzle – automated number shuffling board game using only Power Apps components.   User selects puzzle type and challenge level.  Objective - rearrange numbers in particular order quickly and with fewest moves.   Mobile and desktop.  On screen help.  Play history is stored.  Separate and comprehensive power App to explain Number Puzzle’s capabilities, functions, and approach to building game.   10 core Power Apps building blocks used.   

  • Pandemic Response Solution – cost effective strategy for brick and mortar small business to engage customers differently using social networking and customer facing Power Apps Portal and mobile app, standard connectors – Twitter and Dataverse, custom connectors – Google Maps and Plant ID and a Delivery Planning app.  Technology is leveraged to help identify needs, connect customers to knowledge, provide convenient options to buy and efficient delivery.   

  • Kitty Run! Game – a procedurally generated gesture controlled endless runner (a.k.a. Kitty) built in Power Apps (a.k.a., the low code rapid application development platform that’s NOT for making games, but then again, why not?)  Go behind scenes to see how Kitty is configured to run, jump and fly.  Appreciate blocking for full parallax randomly generated background scrolling along with collision detection, pause, reset, score, and timing functionality. 

  • Sports Stats Tracker - a Power App that allows team statisticians to capture statics, without having to take their eyes off the action.  Record data points verbally.  Flow variables call Azure Cognitive Services to handle speech to text conversion, other functions align stats to players and game, formatting for and storing stats in Dataverse, and updating Power App UI.   Review and edit past stats.  Use for any sport.

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