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Power Apps Community Call -- March 2021

Call summary

Topics covered in this month’s community include Creating Responsive Dataverse for Teams Power Apps (Use responsive containers for gallery and underlying form screen connected to a Dataverse table), Tagging documents with AI Builder (Power Automate flow calls Computer Vision Read API to scan for keywords to tag documents), Getting started with Power Apps ALM (ALM Accelerators automate packaging of Power Apps projects for transfer) and Recent Power Apps News and Community Contributions.  This session included Q&A in chat.  The call was hosted by Todd Baginski (Canviz).  Demo presenters include Reza Dorrani (Catapult), Uday Adhikari, Phil Topness and Mike Ochs.  Recorded on March 17, 2021.  Thank for attending the call or viewing it on demand. 


  • Creating a responsive Power App running Dataverse in Teams – Minor configuration tips elevates OOB responsiveness to next level.  Start with responsive containers template – layout for header, footer, and page body (gallery control).  Create a form screen, same structure – header, footer, body (form control).   Connect gallery and form to data source (table).  Connect gallery and form together using item property.  Data collected in form is stored in Dataverse, rendered in gallery item.  
  • Automating metadata tagging with AI using Power Automate – Need to scan and tag 15k inconsistently formatted documents annually that are uploaded to a SharePoint document library?  Presenter evaluated 3 capable options (OneDrive, OCR, Computer Vision) and based on technology strengths/limitations, choose Azure’s Cognitive Services - Computer Vision Read API that’s called from the shown Power Automate flow.   Customer updates keyword mapping in a list rather than in the Flow.   
  • Getting started with Power Apps ALM – The Power CAT team has built 2 ALM Accelerators for Business Maker (Makers) and Advanced Maker audiences.  Accelerators automate the process of packaging up a Power Apps Solution and all supporting components for complete and documented movement between environments – Dev, Text, Prod.  Source control in GitHub or Azure DevOps.  Makers Accelerator available now in CoE Starter Kit.   ALM for Advanced Makers is in Private preview.    

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