Power Platform Community Call – May 2023

Power Platform Community Call – May 2023

Call summary

Latest updates and news on Power Platform including community events and training opportunities.

3 demos - Integrating Power Apps with Azure Machine Learning & Open AI using Power Automate, ChatGPT - but with YOUR data in Power Apps, and Low code tips for fields in Power Pages.

Activities: 5 articles, 3 documents, 3 samples, 3 Power Platform related video conversations delivered.

This call was hosted by David Warner II (Microsoft) | @DavidWarnerII and recorded on May 17, 2023. Questions addressed in chat throughout the call.

New this month

Demo summaries

  • Integrating Power Apps with Azure Machine Learning & Open AI using Power Automate – predict Health Expense using a Machine Learning Model and get savings tips to fund expenses. Uses a custom-built Azure Auto ML model integrated to Power Apps using Power Automate Flow, health expenses based on inputs and the result of the model using Open AI’s API. Solution components - HealthExpense (Canvas app), Azure Auto ML Flow (Power Automate flow), Azure Auto ML Model for predictions. Community call conversation aka.ms/May17-Demo1
  • ChatGPT - but with YOUR data in Power Apps – get better factual information from CharGPT by injecting curated information from an internal datasource. How create that data source? Vecrtorize data by calling OpenAI Embeddings endpoint. See how to call ChatGPT (via a connector) and add context (your data) to the query. ChatGPT goes beyond standard search return with clear recommendations – it’s math! You will understand the math behind the scenes after seeing this demo. Community call conversation aka.ms/May17-Demo2
  • Low code tips for fields in Power Pages – tips for using Power Automate to streamline repetitive tasks on Power Pages including formatting the site date and time (create new site setting), making a lookup column appear as a dropdown (Basic Forms), prepopulating a field (Form Metadata), formatting a phone number field using Regex (Form Metadata with validation and message), adding helper text (Form Metadata – Description/Instructions) and more. Community call conversation aka.ms/May17-Demo3

Agenda items

00:00 – Intro

01:37 – Power Platform News & Learn Updates – Daniel Laskewitz (Microsoft) | @laskewitz

04:12 – Latest Power Apps Samples – Daniel Laskewitz (Microsoft) | @laskewitz

05:26 – Independent Publisher Connectors - Jocelyn Panchal (Microsoft) | @JocelynP_PM

09:27 – Power Platform Community Shows & Events - Daniel Laskewitz (Microsoft) | @laskewitz & David Warner II (Microsoft) | @DavidWarnerII

11:34 – Together mode picture

12:47 – Demo - Integrating Power Apps with Azure Machine Learning & Open AI using Power Automate – Aaryan Arora

21:20 – Demo - ChatGPT - but with YOUR data in Power Apps – Robin Rosengrün (EnBW) | @power_r2

35:01 – Demo - Low code tips for fields in Power Pages – Elaiza Benitez

56:23 – Resources

57:17 – Closing

Together mode


Thank you for joining the community call today. I hope you agree the three demos were great! Looking forward to seeing many of you in-person at an event near or far from your home base.


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