Power Apps Community Call -- October 2021

Power Apps Community Call -- October 2021

Call summary

Topics covered in this month’s community call include a demo - PokéBubbles Game and a session on How to get Microsoft Certified in the Power Platform.

As well there was Recent Power Apps News and Community Contributions, and more! 

Community welcomes Anna Chu - Sr. Program Manager (Microsoft) | @_achu. 

This call was hosted by Todd Baginski (Canviz).  Demo presenters included Michelle Wong, Sheryl Netley, Jese Navaranjan  and Charles Sterling.  The call was recorded on October 20, 2021.  Questions were addressed in chat throughout the call along with some live discussion.  Thank for attending the call or viewing it on demand. 



  • D1:  PokéBubbles Game - this is Michelle’s 4th Pokémon game and a Demo Extravaganza 2021 entry.  Hear about Michelle’s approach to game development in PowerApps.  As a functional person, she started with the screen layout and graphics.  Many variables, tables, buttons.   Button action calls variable to play sound.  Why you should be interested in this app is the well commented, clean code patterns and variable naming conventions. 

  • D2:  How to get Microsoft Certified in the Power Platform - how you can get certified in the Microsoft Power Platform?  Experienced presenters offer tips and tricks.   Opens with - why do certifications?   Certification overview, Power Platform certification path (badges, exams, certifications), how to book exams, how to prepare for exams (self-study, formal training, exam prep), top tips, and resources.  Start by finding a Learning Path on the Microsoft Learn site.  

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