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app get

Retrieves information about the current Azure AD app


m365 app get [options]


--appId [appId]
Client ID of the Azure AD app registered in the .m365rc.json file to retrieve information for
-h, --help
output usage information
--query [query]
JMESPath query string. See for more information and examples
-o, --output [output]
Output type. json,text,csv. Default json
Runs command with verbose logging
Runs command with debug logging


Use this command to quickly look up information for the Azure AD application registration registered in the .m365rc.json file in your current project (folder).

If you have multiple apps registered in your .m365rc.json file, you can specify the app for which you'd like to retrieve permissions using the --appId option. If you don't specify the app using the --appId option, you'll be prompted to select one of the applications from your .m365rc.json file.


Retrieve information about your current Azure AD app

m365 app get

Retrieve information about the Azure AD app with client ID e23d235c-fcdf-45d1-ac5f-24ab2ee0695d specified in the .m365rc.json file

m365 app get --appId e23d235c-fcdf-45d1-ac5f-24ab2ee0695d