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teams messagingsettings list

Lists messaging settings for a Microsoft Teams team


m365 teams messagingsettings list [options]


-i, --teamId
The ID of the team for which to get the messaging settings.
-h, --help [help]
Output usage information. Optionally, specify which section of command's help you want to see. Allowed values are options, examples, remarks, response, full. Default is full.
--query [query]
JMESPath query string. See for more information and examples
-o, --output [output]
Output type. json,text,csv,md. Default json
Runs command with verbose logging
Runs command with debug logging


Get messaging settings for a Microsoft Teams team.

m365 teams messagingsettings list --teamId 2609af39-7775-4f94-a3dc-0dd67657e900


  "allowUserEditMessages": true,
  "allowUserDeleteMessages": true,
  "allowOwnerDeleteMessages": true,
  "allowTeamMentions": true,
  "allowChannelMentions": true
allowChannelMentions    : true
allowOwnerDeleteMessages: true
allowTeamMentions       : true
allowUserDeleteMessages : true
allowUserEditMessages   : true
# teams messagingsettings list --teamId "2609af39-7775-4f94-a3dc-0dd67657e900"

Date: 1/3/2023

## undefined (undefined)

Property | Value
allowUserEditMessages | true
allowUserDeleteMessages | true
allowOwnerDeleteMessages | true
allowTeamMentions | true
allowChannelMentions | true