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v5 Upgrade Guidance

The v5 of CLI for Microsoft 365 introduces several breaking changes. To help you upgrade to the latest version of CLI for Microsoft 365, we've listed those changes along with any actions you may need to take.

In CLI for Microsoft 365 we have commands that allow you to manage Entra apps. Some of these commands were using the Entra Graph API, which has been deprecated since June 30, 2020 and which will be retired on June 30, 2022. To guarantee that the CLI for Microsoft 365 will keep working, we migrated the affected commands to use the Microsoft Graph. Here's the list of the affected commands:

What action do I need to take?

While the options of the commands haven't changed, the data returned by the command might be different. If you use either command in a script, please verify that the script is working as intended. Here are the differences in the data returned by the entra oauth2grant list and entra enterpriseapp get commands.

In entra oauth2grant list renamed clientId to spObjectId

In the entra oauth2grant list command, we used to have the clientId option to specify the objectId of the service principal. The name was confusing and not self-explanatory, which is why we decided to rename it to spObjectId. The value of the option is the same. It's just the name of the property that changed.

What action do I need to take?

If you use the entra oauth2grant list command, replace the clientId option with spObjectId.

Extended entra oauth2grant remove with confirm

In CLI for Microsoft 365, removing an object is non-reversible. To prevent accidental removal, all remove commands include a prompt which can be suppressed using the confirm option. The entra oauth2grant remove command didn't show the prompt and used to delete the grant directly. To align the command with other commands in the CLI, we extended it with the confirm option and showing a confirmation prompt when the confirm option hasn't been specified.

What action do I need to take?

If you use the entra oauth2grant remove command in your scripts, extend it with the --confirm option to suppress the prompt and ensure that the script will run without requiring user interaction.