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Office 365 CLI

Using the Office 365 CLI, you can manage your Microsoft Office 365 tenant and SharePoint Framework projects on any platform. No matter if you are on Windows, macOS or Linux, using Bash, Cmder or PowerShell, using the Office 365 CLI you can configure Office 365, manage SharePoint Framework projects and build automation scripts.


The Office 365 CLI is distributed as an NPM package. To use it, install it globally using:

npm i -g @pnp/office365-cli

or using yarn:

yarn global add @pnp/office365-cli

Getting started

Start the Office 365 CLI by typing in the command line:

$ office365

o365$ _

Running the office365 command will start the immersive CLI with its own command prompt.

Start managing the settings of your Office 365 tenant by logging in to it, using the login command, for example:

o365$ login

To list all available commands, type in the Office 365 CLI prompt help:

o365$ help

To exit the CLI, type exit:

o365$ exit

See the User Guide to learn more about the Office 365 CLI and its capabilities.

SharePoint Patterns and Practices

Office 365 CLI is an open-source project driven by the SharePoint Patterns and Practices initiative. The project is built and managed publicly on GitHub at and accepts community contributions. We would encourage you to try it and tell us what you think. We would also love your help! We have a number of feature requests that are a good starting point to contribute to the project.

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