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graph o365group remove

Removes an Office 365 Group


graph o365group remove [options]


Option Description
--help output usage information
-i, --id <id> The ID of the Office 365 Group to remove
--confirm Don't prompt for confirming removing the group
-o, --output [output] Output type. json|text. Default text
--verbose Runs command with verbose logging
--debug Runs command with debug logging


Before using this command, log in to the Microsoft Graph, using the graph login command.


To remove an Office 365 Group, you have to first log in to the Microsoft Graph using the graph login command, eg. graph login.

If the specified id doesn't refer to an existing group, you will get a Resource does not exist error.


Remove group with id 28beab62-7540-4db1-a23f-29a6018a3848. Will prompt for confirmation before removing the group

graph o365group remove --id 28beab62-7540-4db1-a23f-29a6018a3848

Remove group with id 28beab62-7540-4db1-a23f-29a6018a3848 without prompting for confirmation

graph o365group remove --id 28beab62-7540-4db1-a23f-29a6018a3848 --confirm