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spo navigation node add

Adds a navigation node to the specified site navigation


spo navigation node add [options]


Option Description
--help output usage information
-u, --webUrl <webUrl> Absolute URL of the site to which navigation should be modified
-l, --location <location> Navigation type where the node should be added. Available options: QuickLaunch, TopNavigationBar
-t, --title <title> Navigation node title
--url <url> Navigation node URL
--parentNodeId [parentNodeId] ID of the node below which the node should be added
--isExternal Set, if the navigation node points to an external URL
--query [query] JMESPath query string. See for more information and examples
-o, --output [output] Output type. json,text. Default text
--pretty Prettifies json output
--verbose Runs command with verbose logging
--debug Runs command with debug logging


Add a navigation node pointing to a SharePoint page to the top navigation

spo navigation node add --webUrl --location TopNavigationBar --title About --url /sites/team-s/sitepages/about.aspx

Add a navigation node pointing to an external page to the quick launch

spo navigation node add --webUrl --location QuickLaunch --title "About us" --url --isExternal

Add a navigation node below an existing node

spo navigation node add --webUrl --parentNodeId 2010 --title About --url /sites/team-s/sitepages/about.aspx