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yammer user list

Returns users from the current network


yammer user list [options]


Option Description
--help output usage information
-g, --groupId [groupId] Returns users within a given group
-l, --letter [letter] Returns users with usernames beginning with the given character
--reverse Returns users in reverse sorting order
--limit [limit] Limits the users returned
--sortBy [sortBy] Returns users sorted by a number of messages or followers, instead of the default behavior of sorting alphabetically. Allowed values are messages,followers
--query [query] JMESPath query string. See for more information and examples
-o, --output [output] Output type. json,text. Default text
--pretty Prettifies json output
--verbose Runs command with verbose logging
--debug Runs command with debug logging



In order to use this command, you need to grant the Azure AD application used by the Office 365 CLI the permission to the Yammer API. To do this, execute the cli consent --service yammer command.


Returns all Yammer network users

yammer user list

Returns all Yammer network users with usernames beginning with "a"

yammer user list --letter a

Returns all Yammer network users sorted alphabetically in descending order

yammer user list --reverse

Returns the first 10 Yammer network users within the group 5785177

user list --groupId 5785177 --limit 10