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Submitting a pull request

Submitting Pull Requests

Here's a high level process for submitting new samples or updates to existing ones.

  1. Sign the Contributor License Agreement (see below)
  2. Fork the SharePoint/sp-dev-fx-webparts repository to your GitHub account
  3. Create a new branch off of the master branch for your fork for the contribution
  4. Include your changes to your branch
  5. Commit your changes using descriptive commit message * These are used to track changes on the repositories for monthly communications
  6. Create a pull request in your own fork and target dev branch
  7. Fill up the provided PR template with the requested details

Before you submit your pull request consider the following guidelines:

  • Search GitHub for an open or closed Pull Request that relates to your submission. You don't want to duplicate effort.
  • Make sure you have a link in your local cloned fork to the SharePoint/sp-dev-fx-webparts:
  # check if you have a remote pointing to the Microsoft repo:
  git remote -v

  # if you see a pair of remotes (fetch & pull) that point to, you're ok... otherwise you need to add one

  # add a new remote named "upstream" and point to the Microsoft repo

  git remote add upstream
  • Make your changes in a new git branch:

shell git checkout -b react-taxonomypicker master

    # assuming you are in the folder of your locally cloned fork....
    git checkout master

    # assuming you have a remote named `upstream` pointing official **sp-dev-fx-webparts** repo
    git fetch upstream

    # update your local master to be a mirror of what's in the main repo
    git pull --rebase upstream master

    # switch to your branch where you are working, say "react-taxonomypicker"
    git checkout react-taxonomypicker

    # update your branch to update it's fork point to the current tip of master & put your changes on top of it
    git rebase master
  • Push your branch to GitHub:
  git push origin react-taxonomypicker

Merging your Existing Github Projects with the Samples Repository

If the sample you wish to contribute is stored in your own Github repository, you can use the following steps to merge it with the samples repository:

  • Fork the sp-dev-fx-webparts repository from GitHub
  • Create a local git repository
    md sp-dev-fx-webparts
    cd sp-dev-fx-webparts
    git init
  • Pull your forked copy of sp-dev-fx-webparts into your local repository
    git remote add origin
    git pull origin dev
  • Pull your other project from github into the samples folder of your local copy of sp-dev-fx-webparts
    git subtree add --prefix=samples/projectname master
  • Push the changes up to your forked repository
    git push origin dev

Signing the CLA

Before we can accept your pull requests you will be asked to sign electronically Contributor License Agreement (CLA), which is prerequisite for any contributions to PnP repository. This will be one time process, so for any future contributions you will not be asked to re-sign anything. After the CLA has been signed, our PnP core team members will have a look on your submission for final verification of the submission. Please do not delete your development branch until the submission has been closed.

You can find Microsoft CLA from the following address -

Thank you for your contribution.