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cli doctor

Retrieves diagnostic information about the current environment


m365 cli doctor [options]


-h, --help [help]
Output usage information. Optionally, specify which section of command's help you want to see. Allowed values are options, examples, remarks, response, full. Default is full.
--query [query]
JMESPath query string. See for more information and examples
-o, --output [output]
Output type. json,text,csv,md. Default json
Runs command with verbose logging
Runs command with debug logging


This command gets all the necessary diagnostic information needed to triage and debug CLI issues without exposing any security-sensitive details


Retrieve diagnostic information

m365 cli doctor


  "os": {
    "platform": "win32",
    "version": "Windows 10 Pro",
    "release": "10.0.19045"
  "cliVersion": "6.1.0",
  "nodeVersion": "v16.13.0",
  "cliAadAppId": "31359c7f-bd7e-475c-86db-fdb8c937548e",
  "cliAadAppTenant": "common",
  "authMode": "DeviceCode",
  "cliEnvironment": "",
  "cliConfig": {
    "output": "json",
    "showHelpOnFailure": false
  "roles": [],
  "scopes": [
authMode       : DeviceCode
cliAadAppId    : 31359c7f-bd7e-475c-86db-fdb8c937548e
cliAadAppTenant: common
cliConfig      : {"output":"json","showHelpOnFailure":false}
cliEnvironment :
cliVersion     : 6.1.0
nodeVersion    : v16.13.0
os             : {"platform":"win32","version":"Windows 10 Pro","release":"10.0.19045"}
roles          : []
scopes         : ["AllSites.FullControl"]
"{""platform"":""win32"",""version"":""Windows 10 Pro"",""release"":""10.0.19045""}",6.1.0,v16.13.0,31359c7f-bd7e-475c-86db-fdb8c937548e,common,DeviceCode,,"{""output"":""json"",""showHelpOnFailure"":false}",[],"[""AllSites.FullControl""]"
# cli doctor

Date: 2022-09-05

Property | Value
cliVersion | 6.1.0
nodeVersion | v16.13.0
cliAadAppId | 31359c7f-bd7e-475c-86db-fdb8c937548e
cliAadAppTenant | common
authMode | DeviceCode
cliEnvironment |