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teams team list

Lists Microsoft Teams teams in the current tenant


m365 teams team list [options]


-j, --joined
Show only joined teams.
-h, --help [help]
Output usage information. Optionally, specify which section of command's help you want to see. Allowed values are options, examples, remarks, response, full. Default is full.
--query [query]
JMESPath query string. See for more information and examples
-o, --output [output]
Output type. json,text,csv,md. Default json
Runs command with verbose logging
Runs command with debug logging


You can only see the details or archived status of the Microsoft Teams you are a member of.


List all Microsoft Teams in the tenant.

m365 teams team list

List all Microsoft Teams in the tenant you are a member of.

m365 teams team list --joined


    "id": "5dc7ba76-b9aa-4fdd-9e91-9fe7d0e8dca3",
    "displayName": "Architecture",
    "isArchived": false,
    "description": "Architecture Discussion"
id                                    displayName       isArchived  description
------------------------------------  ----------------  ----------  ---------------------------------------
5dc7ba76-b9aa-4fdd-9e91-9fe7d0e8dca3  Architecture      false       Architecture Discussion
5dc7ba76-b9aa-4fdd-9e91-9fe7d0e8dca3,Architecture,,Architecture Discussion
# teams team list --joined "true"

Date: 1/3/2023

## Architecture (5dc7ba76-b9aa-4fdd-9e91-9fe7d0e8dca3)

Property | Value
id | 5dc7ba76-b9aa-4fdd-9e91-9fe7d0e8dca3
createdDateTime | null
displayName | Architecture
description | Architecture Discussion
internalId | null
classification | null
specialization | null
visibility | null
webUrl | null
isArchived | false
tenantId | 92e59666-257b-49c3-b1fa-1bae8107f6ba
isMembershipLimitedToOwners | null
memberSettings | null
guestSettings | null
messagingSettings | null
funSettings | null
discoverySettings | null
summary | null