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Create a Microsoft Teams team and bulk add members from CSV file

Inspired by: Rakesh Pandey, Patrick Lamber

This sample script shows you how to create a Team and add members and owners using a CSV.

# This script provisions a Group with owners and members and Teamifies it
# The owners and members can be specified using a CSV file following this format
## upn,type
# The CLI will provision the Group adding the current user as owner. You can remove this user from the owners list by using the $removeYourSelfFromOwners parameter

$importFile = "<putyourcsvhere.csv>"

## parameters for the Group
$teamDisplayName = "Cool team"
$teamDescription = "."
$mailNickname = "uniqueNickname18"
$visibility = "Private" # Specify either 'Private', 'Public', or 'HiddenMembership'
$removeYourSelfFromOwners = $false
## parameters for the Group end

## Script starts here

# process teams that you have joined only
$membersList = Import-Csv $importFile -Delimiter ","

$m365Status = m365 status --output text

if ($m365Status -eq "Logged Out") {
# Connection to Microsoft 365
m365 login


# configure the CLI to output JSON on each execution
m365 cli config set --key output --value json

$members = ($membersList | where { $_.type -eq "member" } | Select-Object upn).upn -join ","
$owners = ($membersList | where { $_.type -eq "owner" } | Select-Object upn).upn -join ","

Write-Host "Provisioning Group..."
$group = m365 entra m365group add --displayName $teamDisplayName --description $teamDescription --mailNickname $mailNickname --visibility $visibility --members $members --owners $owners | ConvertFrom-Json

if ($Error.Count -gt 0) {
Write-Host "Aborting operation..."

$trial = 0
$maxRetry = 3
$waitingTime = 20
do {
Write-Host "Waiting $waitingTime seconds before teamifying the group (trial $trial/$maxRetry)..."
Start-Sleep -Seconds $waitingTime
m365 entra m365group teamify --id $($ 2>$null
} while ($Error.Count -gt 0 -and $trial -lt $maxRetry)

# if it still failed, output the error and stop
if ($Error.Count -gt 0) {

$whoAmI = m365 status | ConvertFrom-Json
# remove yourself from the owners group
if ($removeYourSelfFromOwners -and $owners.IndexOf($whoAmI.connectedAs) -eq -1) {
Write-Host "Removing $($whoAmI.connectedAs) from the owners list"
m365 entra m365group user remove --groupId $ --userName $whoAmI.connectedAs --force

Write-Host "Completed."