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Create a Microsoft Team with channels from a Microsoft 365 Group

Inspired by: Patrick Lamber

A sample script which creates a Microsoft 365 Group, associates a logo to it and some members. Afterward, it teamyfies the Group and creates two public channels.

# this examples searches the users in a directory by displayname
$memberDisplayName = "A"
# Group settings
$logoPath = "./pnpImage.png"
$displayName = "Contoso Group"
$mailNickName = "contosoGroup"
# add more items to the array to provision channels
$channelNames = @("Public relations", "CLI Project")

Write-Host "Creating the Group '$displayName'..."
$group = $null
$group = m365 aad o365group add --displayName $displayName `
                                --description "." --mailNickname $mailNickName  `
                                -o "json" | convertfrom-json
if ($group -eq $null) {
    Write-Host "An error occurred during Group creation"

Write-Host "Created with id $($"

# you might need to wait a little bit after Group creation before you are allowed to assign a logo
Write-Host "Assigning custom logo '$logoPath' in about 10 seconds..."
Start-sleep -Seconds 10
m365 aad o365group set --id $ --logoPath $logoPath    

Write-Host "Searching for members with '$memberDisplayName' in their displayname"
$membersToAdd = m365 aad user list --displayName $memberDisplayName --properties "id,userprincipalname" --output "json" | convertfrom-json
$membersToAdd | ForEach-Object {
    Write-Host "Adding member to $($_.userPrincipalName) to Group"
    $variable = m365 aad o365group user add --groupId $ --userName $ -o "json" | convertfrom-json

Write-Host "Teamify the Group"
m365 aad o365group teamify --id $

Write-Host "Provisioning channels"
$channelNames | ForEach-Object {
    m365 teams channel add --teamId $ --name $_