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How to implement prompting

Yeoman generator use a library named Inquirer.js for the prompt configuration. To read more on the general prompting behaviour checkout Interacting with the User in the Yeoman documentation.

To support multiple Yeoman generators with different prompting configurations, a special method was implemented in the core generators such as the addon generator.

├── index.js
├── promptConfig.js    # <- this is the configuration file for the prompts
└── templates
    └── addonConfig.json

All prompts required by the generator are included in the prompt config file directly inside the Yeoman generator.

const chalk = require('chalk');

const jqueryOptions = [{
        'name': '3.x.x (recommended)',
        'value': 3
        'name': '2.x.x',
        'value': 2

const configOptions = [
    // Library selection
        type: 'checkbox',
        message: 'Which libraries to include',
        name: 'jsLibrary',
        choices: [{
            name: 'jQuery',
            value: 'jquery'
        }, {
            name: 'pnpjs',
            value: '@pnp/pnpjs'
    // jQuery version selection
        type: 'list',
        message: `${chalk.bold.yellow('jQuery: ')} Please choose a version:`,
        name: 'jQueryVersion',
        choices: jqueryOptions,
        when: answers => answers.jsLibrary.indexOf('jquery') !== -1

module.exports = configOptions;

This example defines the questions for jQuery when used in the PnP SPFx generator and will be exported as a module in node. This is required because all configuration options will then be collected together in the main generator and is located in the /app folder.

Inside this folder is another promptConfig and the particular configuration of the addon generator prompting gets imported.

// Add configuration of Addon generator
const addon = require('../generators/addons/promptConfig');
configOptions = configOptions.concat(addon);

const promptConfig = {
    config: configOptions

module.exports = promptConfig;

This code imports the module of the addon configuraton and adds the settings to the default generator prompting. This config file will again be exported as a module and gets used in the main generator code.

prompting() {

        .then(answers => {

            // Choose appro
            this.options.SpfxOptions['framework'] = this._evalSPFxGenerator(answers.framework);
            this.options.pnpFramework = answers.framework;

            this.options.libraries = this._evalAddons(

            this.options.SPFxFramework = answers.framework;




So this makes sure that all prompt configurations can be centrally managed - even the ones specific to additional generators.


If your custom generator has a special promting configuration, please add a comment in your Pull Request saying so