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Standard gulp task

  • build - Builds the client-side solution project.
  • bundle - Bundles the client-side solution project entry point and all its dependencies into a single JavaScript file.
  • serve - Serves the client-side solution project and assets from the local machine.
  • clean - Cleans the client-side solution project's build artifacts from the previous build and from the build target directories (lib and dist).
  • test - Runs unit tests, if available, for the client-side solution project.
  • package-solution - Packages the client-side solution into a SharePoint package.
  • deploy-azure-storage - Deploys client-side solution project assets to Azure Storage.

Additional gulp tasks

  • dist - combines clean, bundle and package-solution to package solution for production
  • dev - combines clean, bundle and package-solution to package solution for development

npm version

'npm version' is a command that increase the version number in the package.json file. When npm version wass used this also updated the version in the following files:

'config/package-solution.json' gets set to the same version number followed by an additional '0'.

'teams/manifest.json' (if applicable) the version will be updated there too.


  • package.json: 1.2.3
  • config/package-solution.json :
  • teams/mainfest.json: 1.2.3

Besides the current commit will tagged on the git repository.

Target framework seletion


Addtional information: