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Run install npm packages from generator

After all required modifications have been applied to a new project by the Yeoman generator, the npm packages need to be installed. To provide a consistent method for all generators, a utility class was implemented that provides a single method to run the installer.

Default behaviour of the installer

Like the SPFx Default Yeoman generator installer, it supports the following three package managers:

Be default, the npm package manager will be used. If the yarn package manager is installed on the client, this package manager will instead be used by default.

The pnpm package manager is available via a command line switch when the yeoman generator gets launched.

To install dependencies with a specific package manager, the following options exist:

To explicitly use npm:

yo @pnp/spfx --pm npm


yo @pnp/spfx --package-manager npm

To explicitly use pnpm:

yo @pnp/spfx --pm pnpm


yo @pnp/spfx --package-manager pnpm

To explicitly use pnpm:

yo @pnp/spfx --pm yarn


yo @pnp/spfx --package-manager yarn

Reference to the Util

Your generators index.js should include the following line of code somewhere at the start:

// importing utilities
const util = require('../../lib/util.js');

Call npm package installation

Add the following line of code in the install method of your generator:


    /* Custom configuration code should be placed before the installer */