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The generator-teams package and the build packages (yoteams-build-core and yoteams-deploy) includes a telemetry feature that collects usage data and exception information when the generator or build package tasks crashes. It's important that the generator-teams team understands how the generator and the build packages are used so they can be improved.


generator-teams is collecting telemetry about what configuration is used when scaffolding a new project.

The build packages is collecting telemetry about what tasks are being used when building or debugging a project.

Telemetry isn't collected from using the generated project or when the generated project is running.

How to opt out

Telemetry is enabled by default. To opt out of the telemetry feature set the YOTEAMS_TELEMETRY_OPTOUT environment variable to ´1´ or ´true´. To opt out of telemetry feature when scaffolding a project use the -no-telemetry flag in combination with the yo teams command.

Data points

The telemetry feature doesn't collect personal data, such as usernames or email addresses. It does not scan your code and does not extract project-level data, such as name, repository, or author. The data is sent and secured securely to Microsoft servers using the Azure Monitor technology.

The following data is collected:

  • Name and arguments of Gulp tasks used
  • Version of generator-teams used
  • Version of yoteams-* build and helper packages used
  • Client type and operating system
  • Location (city, province and country)
  • Configuration options (excluding any values) when scaffolding a project

Protecting your privacy is important to us. If you suspect telemetry is collecting sensitive data or the data is being insecurely or inappropriately handled, file an issue in the pnp/generator-teams repository.