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Bots and Messaging Extension Configuration

If you are creating a bot or a messaging extension as a part of your Microsoft Teams app you also need to register an Azure Bot service in Microsoft Azure, before you configure and run your application.

How to prepare and create resources in Microsoft Azure

  • Create or use an existing Resource Group
  • Add a new Azure Bot resource to the resource group
  • Fill in the basic details
  • In the Type of App you must choose Multi-tenant or Single-tenant. Using a Managed Identity is currently not supported
  • After the resource has been created you need to update the Messaging endpoint in the Bot Configuration. It should contain the URL of where you are hosting your Teams Application and point to the /api/messagesendpoint.Example:
  • Ensure to configure the Microsoft Teams channel under Channels. If you're building a Messaging Extension for Outlook you also need to enable the Outlook channel.
  • Under Configuration you should take a note of the Microsoft App ID and also click on Manage and under Certificate & secrets create a new secret.
  • Copy the App ID and secret and update your .env file as follows:
MICROSOFT_APP_ID=<The Microsoft App Id for the bot>
MICROSOFT_APP_PASSWORD=<The secret you created>