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Outgoing Webhook Configuration

How to add the Outgoing Webhook to a Teams team

To add the Outgoing Webhook to a Microsoft Teams team, choose View Team and then choose the Bots tab. In the lower right corner click on Create a outgoing webhook. Then fill in the name, the URL (https://<URL>/api/webhook) and a description and click ok. Once the outgoing webhook is registered you will receive a Security token. Save this token in a secure place for future use, and you wil not be able to retrieve it again.

Security token usage

The security token must be added as an environment variable. For development purposes it can be added to the .env file with the property name SECURITY_TOKEN and for Azure you should add it as a new environment variable called SECURITY_TOKEN. These can be configured in the Azure Web App under Application Settings > App Settings.


You might receive an error the first time you send a message to the bot, if you just deployed the solution. Outgoing webhooks must answer within 5 seconds.