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Using multiple manifest files

NOTE: requires yoteams-build-core 1.1.0 or later

Yo Teams supports having multiple manifests files. There are many scenarios where you would like to have multiple manifest files and Teams App packages generated, for instance:

  • Having one application but multiple Teams Apps, such as one for users and one for admins, but still using the same hosting and solution
  • Working with multiple environments and you want to build different manifests for different environments, including different icons
  • Working with multiple developer environments where validDomains and Tab SSO App Id URI's are different.

How to use multiple manifests with Yo Teams

By default, the scaffolded project will contain one manifest.json, located in ./src/manifest/. To add additional manifest files you either create a new .json file and manually create the manifest, or copy the existing manifest into a new file in the same folder.

The build tasks manifest and validate-manifest will now work cross all those defined manifest.json files and validate and create a separate package for each of them. The package name will be the name of the packageName in the manifest and only referenced icons and localization files will be included in the package.

Add this feature to an existing project

If you scaffolded a project using Yo Teams v 3.0.x then you might need to update the build tools to support this feature. This is done using the following command

npm install yoteams-build-core@preview --save-dev

A word of caution

When working with multiple manifests there are a couple of things to keep in mind.

If you create a new manifest from a copy of an existing one it is important that you change the packageName so that they are different - as that is used to create the package zip file.

If you intend to use the multiple packages in the same environment it is required that you have different id's in your manifest files.