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spo hubsite register

Registers the specified site collection as a hub site


m365 spo hubsite register [options]


-u, --siteUrl <siteUrl>

URL of the site collection to register as a hub site.

-h, --help [help]

Output usage information. Optionally, specify which section of command's help you want to see. Allowed values are options, examples, remarks, response, full. Default is options.

--query [query]

JMESPath query string. See for more information and examples.

-o, --output [output]

Output type. json, text, csv, md, none. Default json.


Runs command with verbose logging.


Runs command with debug logging.



To use this command you must be a Global or SharePoint administrator.

If the specified site collection is already registered as a hub site, you will get a This site is already a HubSite. error.


Register the site collection with URL as a hub site

m365 spo hubsite register --siteUrl


"Description": "",
"EnablePermissionsSync": false,
"EnforcedECTs": null,
"EnforcedECTsVersion": 0,
"HideNameInNavigation": false,
"ID": "0f9b8f4f-0e8e-4630-bb0a-501442db9b64",
"LogoUrl": null,
"ParentHubSiteId": "00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000",
"PermissionsSyncTag": 0,
"RequiresJoinApproval": false,
"SiteDesignId": "00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000",
"SiteId": "0f9b8f4f-0e8e-4630-bb0a-501442db9b64",
"SiteUrl": "",
"Targets": null,
"TenantInstanceId": "4d128b52-7228-46b5-8765-5b338476054d",
"Title": "New Hub Site"

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