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spo web set

Updates subsite properties


m365 spo web set [options]


-u, --url <url>

URL of the subsite to update

-t, --title [title]

New title for the subsite

-d, --description [description]

New description for the subsite

--siteLogoUrl [siteLogoUrl]

New site logo URL for the subsite. Set to empty string to reset to default.

--quickLaunchEnabled [quickLaunchEnabled]

Set to true to enable quick launch and to false to disable it

--headerLayout [headerLayout]

Configures the site header. Allowed values standard,compact

--headerEmphasis [headerEmphasis]

Configures the site header background. Allowed values 0, 1, 2, 3

--megaMenuEnabled [megaMenuEnabled]

Set to true to change the menu style to megamenu. Set to false to use the cascading menu style

--footerEnabled [footerEnabled]

Set to true to enable footer and to false to disable it

--navAudienceTargetingEnabled [navAudienceTargetingEnabled]

Enable or disable site navigation audience targeting. Allowed values: true or false.

--searchScope [searchScope]

Search scope to set in the site. Allowed values DefaultScope, Tenant, Hub, Site.

--welcomePage [welcomePage]

Site-relative URL of the welcome page for the site

-h, --help [help]

Output usage information. Optionally, specify which section of command's help you want to see. Allowed values are options, examples, remarks, response, full. Default is options.

--query [query]

JMESPath query string. See for more information and examples.

-o, --output [output]

Output type. json, text, csv, md, none. Default json.


Runs command with verbose logging.


Runs command with debug logging.


Next to updating web properties corresponding to the options of this command, you can update the value of any other web property using its CSOM name, eg. --AllowAutomaticASPXPageIndexing. At this moment, the CLI supports properties of types Boolean, String and Int32.


Update subsite title

m365 spo web set --url --title Team-a

Hide quick launch on the subsite

m365 spo web set --url --quickLaunchEnabled false

Set site header layout to compact

m365 spo web set --url --headerLayout compact

Set site header color to primary theme background color

m365 spo web set --url --headerEmphasis 0

Enable megamenu in the site

m365 spo web set --url --megaMenuEnabled true

Hide footer in the site

m365 spo web set --url --footerEnabled false

Enable navigation audience targetting in the site

m365 spo web set --url --navAudienceTargetingEnabled true

Set search scope to tenant scope

m365 spo web set --url --searchScope tenant

Set welcome page for the web

m365 spo web set  --url --welcomePage "SitePages/new-home.aspx"


The command won't return a response on success.

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