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Contributing to PnPjs

Thank you for your interest in contributing to PnPjs. We have updated our contribution section to make things easier to get started, debug the library locally, and learn how to extend the functionality.

Section Description
NPM Scripts Explains the npm scripts and their uses
Setup Dev Machine Covers setting up your machine to ensure you are ready to debug the solution
Local Debug Configuration Discusses the steps required to establish local configuration used for debugging and running tests
Debugging Describes how to debug PnPjs locally
Extending the library Basic examples on how to extend the library such as adding a method or property
Writing Tests How to write and debug tests
Update Documentation Describes the steps required to edit and locally view the documentation
Submit a Pull Request Outlines guidance for submitting a pull request

Need Help?

The PnP "Sharing Is Caring" initiative teaches the basics around making changes in GitHub, submitting pull requests to the PnP & Microsoft 365 open-source repositories such as PnPjs.

Every month, we provide multiple live hands-on sessions that walk attendees through the process of using and contributing to PnP initiatives.

To learn more and register for an upcoming session, please visit the Sharing is Caring website.