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2020 Year End Report

Welcome to our first year in review report for PnPjs. This year has marked usage milestones, seen more contributors than ever, and expanded the core maintainers team. But none of this would be possible without everyones support and participation - so we start by saying Thank You! We deeply appreciate everyone that has used, helped us grow, and improved the library over the last year.

This year we introduced MSAL clients for node and browser, improved our testing/local development plumbing, and updated the libraries to work with the node 15 module resolution rules.

We fixed 43 reported bugs, answered 131 questions, and made 55 suggested enhancements to the library - all driven by feedback from users and the community.

Planned for release in January 2021 we also undertook the work to enable isolated runtimes, a long requested feature. This allows you to operate on multiple independently configured "roots" such as "sp" or "graph" from the same application. Previously the library was configured globally, so this opens new possibilities for both client and server side scenarios.

Finally we made many tooling and project improvements such as moving to GitHub actions, updating the tests to use MSAL, and exploring ways to enhance the developer experience.


In 2020 we tracked steady month/month growth in raw usage measured by requests as well as in the number of tenants deploying the library. Starting the year we were used in 14605 tenants and by December that number grew to 21,227.

These tenants generated 6.1 billion requests to the service in January growing to 9.2 billion by December, peaking at 10.1 billion requests in November.

Graph showing requests and tenants/month for @pnp/sp

1) There was a data glitch in October so the numbers do not fully represent usage. 2) These numbers only include public cloud SPO usage, true usage is higher than we can track due to on-premesis and gov/sovereign clouds


We continued our monthly release cadence as it represents a good pace for addressing issues while not expecting folks to update too often and keeping each update to a reasonable size. All changes can be tracked in our change log, updated with each release. You can check our scheduled releases through project milestones, understanding there are occasionally delays. Monthly releases allows us to ensure bugs do not linger and we continually improve and expand the capabilities of the libraries.

NPM Package download statistics (@pnp/sp):

Month Count * Month Count
January 100,686 * July 36,805
February 34,437 * August 38,897
March 34,574 * September 45,968
April 32,436 * October 46,655
May 34,482 * November 45,511
June 34,408 * December 58,977
Grand Total 543,836

With 2020 our total all time downloads of @pnp/sp is now at: 949,638

Stats from

Future Plans

Looking to the future we will continue to actively grow and improve v2 of the library, guided by feedback and reported issues. Additionally, we are beginning to discuss v3 and doing initial planning and prototyping. The v3 work will continue through 2021 with no currently set release date, though we will keep everyone up to date.

Additionally in 2021 there will be a general focus on improving not just the code but our tooling, build pipeline, and library contributor experience. We will also look at automatic canary releases with each merge, and other improvements.

New Lead Maintainer

With the close of 2020 we are very excited to announce a new lead maintainer for PnPjs, Julie Turner! Julie brings deep expertise with SharePoint Framework, TypeScript, and SharePoint development to the team, coupled with dedication and care in the work.

Over the last year she has gotten more involved with handling releases, responding to issues, and helping to keep the code updated and clean.

We are very lucky to have her working on the project and look forward to seeing her lead the growth and direction for years to come.


As always we have abundant thanks and appreciation for your contributors. Taking your time to help improve PnPjs for the community is massive and valuable to ensure our sustainability. Thank you for all your help in 2020! If you are interested in becoming a contributor check out our guide on ways to get started.

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We want to thank our sponsors for their support in 2020! This year we put the money towards helping offset the cost and shipping of hoodies to contributors and sponsors. Your continued generosity makes a big difference in our ability to recognize and reward the folks building PnPjs.

Thank You

KEMiCZA Sympraxis Consulting thechriskent erwinvanhunen PopWarner VesaJuvonen LauraKokkarinen ricardocarneiro andrewconnell


In closing we want say Thank You to everyone who uses, contributes to, and participates in PnPjs and the SharePoint Patterns and Practices program.

Wishing you the very best for 2021,

The PnPjs Team