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The main class exported from the config-store package is Settings. This is the class through which you will load and access your settings via providers.

import { Web } from "@pnp/sp/presets/all";
import { Settings, SPListConfigurationProvider } from "@pnp/config-store";

// create an instance of the settings class, could be static and shared across your application
// or built as needed.
const settings = new Settings();

// you can add/update a single value using add
settings.add("mykey", "myvalue");

// you can also add/update a JSON value which will be stringified for you as a shorthand
settings.addJSON("mykey2", {
    field: 1,
    field2: 2,
    field3: 3,

// and you can apply a plain object of keys/values that will be written as single values
// this results in each enumerable property of the supplied object being added to the settings collection
    field: 1,
    field2: 2,
    field3: 3,

// and finally you can load values from a configuration provider
const w = Web("");
const provider = new SPListConfigurationProvider(w, "myconfiglistname");

// this will load values from the supplied list
// by default the key will be from the Title field and the value from a column named Value
await settings.load(provider);

// once we have loaded values we can then read them
const value = settings.get("mykey");

// or read JSON that will be parsed for you from the store
const value2 = settings.getJSON("mykey2");