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This module contains classes to allow use of the libraries within a SharePoint add-in.

Getting Started

Install the library and all dependencies,

npm install @pnp/sp @pnp/sp-addinhelpers --save

Now you can make requests to the host web from your add-in using the crossDomainWeb method.

// note we are getting the sp variable from this library, it extends the sp export from @pnp/sp to add the required helper methods
import { sp, SPRequestExecutorClient } from "@pnp/sp-addinhelpers";

// this only needs to be done once within your application
    sp: {
        fetchClientFactory: () => {
            return new SPRequestExecutorClient();

// now we need to use the crossDomainWeb method to make our requests to the host web
const addInWenUrl = "{The add-in web url, likely from the query string}";
const hostWebUrl = "{The host web url, likely from the query string}";

// make requests into the host web via the SP.RequestExecutor
const w = await sp.crossDomainWeb(addInWenUrl, hostWebUrl)();
console.log(JSON.stringify(w, null, 4));

Library Topics