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The SPRequestExecutorClient is an implementation of the HttpClientImpl interface that facilitates requests to SharePoint from an add-in. It relies on the SharePoint SP product libraries being present to allow use of the SP.RequestExecutor to make the request.


To use the client you need to set it using the fetch client factory using the setup method as shown below. This is only required when working within a SharePoint add-in web.

// note we are getting the sp variable from this library, it extends the sp export from @pnp/sp to add the required helper methods
import { sp, SPRequestExecutorClient } from "@pnp/sp-addinhelpers";

// this only needs to be done once within your application
    sp: {
        fetchClientFactory: () => {
            return new SPRequestExecutorClient();

// now we need to use the crossDomainWeb method to make our requests to the host web
const addInWenUrl = "{The add-in web url, likely from the query string}";
const hostWebUrl = "{The host web url, likely from the query string}";

// make requests into the host web via the SP.RequestExecutor
sp.crossDomainWeb(addInWenUrl, hostWebUrl)().then(w => {
    console.log(JSON.stringify(w, null, 4));