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The ability to manage subscriptions is a capability introduced in version 1.2.9 of @pnp/graph. A subscription allows a client app to receive notifications about changes to data in Microsoft Graph. Currently, subscriptions are enabled for the following resources:

  • Mail, events, and contacts from Outlook.
  • Conversations from Office Groups.
  • Drive root items from OneDrive.
  • Users and Groups from Azure Active Directory.
  • Alerts from the Microsoft Graph Security API.

Get all of the Subscriptions

Using the subscriptions(). If successful this method returns a 200 OK response code and a list of subscription objects in the response body.

import { graph } from "@pnp/graph";
import "@pnp/graph/subscriptions"

const subscriptions = await graph.subscriptions();

Create a new Subscription

Using the subscriptions.add(). Creating a subscription requires read scope to the resource. For example, to get notifications messages, your app needs the Mail.Read permission. To learn more about the scopes visit this url.

import { graph } from "@pnp/graph";
import "@pnp/graph/subscriptions"

const addedSubscription = await graph.subscriptions.add("created,updated", "", "me/mailFolders('Inbox')/messages", "2019-11-20T18:23:45.9356913Z");

Get Subscription by Id

Using the subscriptions.getById() you can get one of the subscriptions

import { graph } from "@pnp/graph";
import "@pnp/graph/subscriptions"

const subscription = await graph.subscriptions.getById('subscriptionId')();

Delete a Subscription

Using the subscriptions.getById().delete() you can remove one of the Subscriptions

import { graph } from "@pnp/graph";
import "@pnp/graph/subscriptions"

const delSubscription = await graph.subscriptions.getById('subscriptionId').delete();

Update a Subscription

Using the subscriptions.getById().update() you can update one of the Subscriptions

import { graph } from "@pnp/graph";
import "@pnp/graph/subscriptions"

const updSubscription = await graph.subscriptions.getById('subscriptionId').update({changeType: "created,updated,deleted" });